Useless Facts Vienna


Useless Facts Vienna finally also in English!

Following the succes of the little STADTBEKANNT book „Unnützes WienWissen“, we are now publishing an English version of this bestseller. “Useless Facts Vienna” collects all the little anecdotes and stories about Vienna that couldn’t be more quaint and still seem so legit, because they made Vienna what it is today. A city we all love.

  • Holzbaum Verlag
  • 128 Seiten
  • Softcover
  • ISBN 978-3-902980-06-9
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Humorously filled with Viennese anecdotes, roguish tricks, history lessons and amusing facts, Useless Facts Vienna is depicting the Viennese lifestyle. And this lifestyle only is what it is because of the small details that you don’t really have to know, but you might want to know.

It is definitely worth to know the information that Useless Facts Vienna has to offer. It is something new to hear about Empress Sisi’s fetish for tattoos, or the nuns who interfered with Casanova. Sometimes even morbid facts about the different ways of execution in the different parts of town seem to be quite exciting. But not only historical nonsense, also some unexpected linguistic enlightenments are in store for you. You might have heard Viennese expressions like „leiwand“ and are still wondering how to translate such funny words into another language, since nobody knows where it comes from. Luckily, Useless Facts Vienna is finally solving the puzzle.

One has to be a fool, not to love Vienna!


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