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Love Superheroina Cura Fina (c) Marina Obradovic
Love Superheroina Cura Fina (c) Marina Obradovic

FESCH’MARKT Interview: Superheroina Cura Fina

16. Juni 2016 • Im Gespräch

Im Gespräch mit Tatjana Kuburović

Am 17. 18. und 19. Juni wird es wieder so richtig fesch! Denn der FESCH’MARKT öffnet wieder seine Pforten. Zwei Tage lang werden 200 Aussteller aus In- und Ausland kreative Designs, außergewöhnliche Materialien und originelle Ideen in Form von Mode, Schmuck, Accessoires, Kunst und Produktdesigns präsentieren. Wir haben ein paar Aussteller interviewt, die diesmal dabei sein werden.


Heute stellen wir euch Tatjana Kuburović und Superheroina Cura Fina vor.


Bitte stelle dich kurz vor: Wer bist du, in welchem Bereich bist du tätig?
An architect by education. An illustrator and designer by inspiration and trade. At the moment leader of a small team, an almost One woman brand with great support of dear collaborators and friends.


Quereinsteiger, Hobby oder Berufung?
Free-lancing since 1993 as illustrator and graphic designer. Since December 2007 owner of the SUPER T DESIGN Studio. In April 2009 the Studio expands: Superheroina Cura Fina (SUPERHEROINE : A Lass With Class) entrepreneurial design venture is launched


Was macht dein Produkt aus?
It starts with WORD and IMAGE = MESSAGE and DRAWING. The visual message is applied on a broad range of products, from uniquely designed packaging and design-led stationary through to fashion and soft furniture.


Woher kommen deine Inspirationen?
From my immediate surroundings, usually doing something fun with dear people, or walking my dog. My ideas mainly spring from the moment in time when I feel happy, free and open-minded.


Wer sind deine Stilikonen?
People with a positive attitude, and with an open mind.


Dein Lieblingsoutfit?
Depends of the mood but always something comfortable and fun. With a little twist.

Love Superheroina Cura Fina (c) Marina Obradovic

Love Superheroina Cura Fina (c) Marina Obradovic

Nachhaltigkeit? Bewusstes Leben? Wie passt dein Produkt in diese Ideologie?
I try to be aware and caring for my environment in the broadest sense. At the very least, I always try to work with recyclable materials and I aim to design products that are useful and locally produced.


Was ist dein momentaner Lieblingsblog?
Brain Pickings. A library of cross-disciplinary interestingness. Personal blog of Maria Popova 


Was sind deine Träume, Wünsche, Ziele? Kannst du momentan von deiner Arbeit Leben oder finanzierst du dich über einen Zweitjob?
To tell stories, to grow in a smart way, by building something that can bring benefit to people working in the process as well as the community. Currently I combine my work as graphic designer with selling my design products via Superheroina Cura Fina design shop.


Gibt es einen bestimmten Gedanken hinter deiner Arbeit?
Its mission is to to inspire us in the everyday. Superheroina can wake you up, sing you to sleep, free your dreams and take you out to town …


Deine Arbeit in einem Satz?
Fun and fight to always make a step beyond the comfort zone.


Mode und Kunst – das Gleiche oder nicht? Warum?
In my case the work is a mix of the two. Probably the same thing. Why – just because I always end up making something useful from ideas that start as sort of artistic expression


Wien als internationale Mode/Designmetropole – möglich? Was muss passieren?
This is only my second visit to Vienna as a designer. I do not have enough knowledge of the local scene or tendencies to answer this question.


Was findest du so richtig fesch?
Always something both really useful and really, really fun.

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